Martin Spell

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Description: Hunky young stud Martin Spell wanders in, plops himself down on the sofa, places his muscular arms on the back of the sofa and then starts staring long and deep into the camera. He has the most penetrating blue eyes and a smile that will just reel you in. He lifts his shirt to show off his incredible six-pack abs and whoops, his hands slip beneath his shorts where he grabs ahold of a nice size bulge growing as he continues rubbing and playing with it. Kneeling on the sofa Martin strips out of his shirt and shorts. His whole body is lean and tight. He frees his thick, uncut cock from his underwear and he's quickly got a swollen dick in his hand as he works it harder and faster. Martin turns around and kneels on the sofa. He spreads his ass wide, exposing his sweet, tight pink hole. His fingers tease his ass with one hand while the other jacks his dick. He lays back on the sofa ready to blow after all the self-teasing. Martin's balls tighten up as he jacks even faster. His whole body goes rigid as his cock releases his built-up tension. Martin continues playing with his jizz-coated cock as the camera backs up catching the cutest smile crossing Martin's face.
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