Tom rails Smith

Duration: 19:35 Views: 139 Submitted: 3 days ago
Description: On the second day of Christmas, CF gave to me, Tom giving Smith the D! Here's hoping you've survived the holidays to this point, and do we ever have a Boxing Day update for you (hey now... that's a big holiday for many of our members!). Tom railing Smith! It's been some time since we've seen Smith, and I know many of you have been extremely eager to see him again. Well, not only are we treated to some hot action with Smith here but this could very well be his hottest video to date! Smith's come so far since first arriving at CF - from taking many, many months to ever agree to do any guy/guy action at all to fucking some ass and getting his own fucked. Here, though, Smith doesn't just get fucked - he truly does get railed. Tom pounds his hole fast and hard, and Smith loves every bit of it. The noises coming from Smith as he's bent over and getting thoroughly dominated are absolutely priceless - I think you could blow your load with nothing but the audio from the action here! Yes, Tom has his way with Smith - but you can't help but think that's precisely the way Smith wanted it, as well!