Dr Sgt Miles VS Alex Hawk Part 2

Duration: 29:25 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Models Alex Hawk, Sgt Miles aka Sergeant Miles. Mind bending Alien Alex Hawk has projected himself inside Dr Sgt Miles’ head. Miles is standing in darkness, wearing only a military bulletproof plate carrier and nothing else. He is confused, but a man of strong will. He is determined to get out of whatever that alien did to him. Alex Hawk appears and seems to have full control of Miles. He explains that his species is far superior and humans will never have a chance against them. He will take Miles back to his home planet to experiment with his DNA and return to earth to return with an army, specially designed to defeat the humans of earth. But first, Alex Hawk wants to have some fun. He wants to see the strongest of Earth on his knees, sucking his dick. Sgt Miles cannot fight it. He falls to his knees and sucks. After some good dick sucking he quickly reaches up and squeezes Alex Hawk’s balls. Alex get clearly scared. His balls are his weekness. The more Sgt Miles squeezes, the more control he gains of his own mind. Sgt Miles throws the alien down and demands that he tell him how to get his mind fully back. He squeezes and steps on Alex Hawk’s balls until he finally tells him that if Miles cums in him, he will be free of the mind bending. Sgt Miles bends Alex Hawk over and fucks his brains out. He fucks him really hard in a couple positions, then milks a load of of Alex then fucks his mouth and cums fills it with cum.