Sausage And Pancakes

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Description: (Models Darin Boswell, Harry Davis). Hot little redhead Harry Davis arrives to find slim and sexy Darin Boswell in just his underwear making breakfast, but he has something far tastier in mind to start the day. Who wouldn't want to wake up and immediately enjoy some BoyFun with either of these hot little twinks? With a little kiss and the first of the pancakes off the hob the boys decide to prioritize, heading to the couch to continue their pleasures before getting back to their second meal of the day. In minutes greedy boy Harry has a sausage in his mouth, sucking on the uncut boner and taking it deep, showing off his oral skills while he gags on his pal's rigid penis. You can bet the hunger is reciprocal. Darin can't wait to get a taste of the impressively long and pale prick his pal has ready for him, bobbing up and down on the pillar of perfect penis in his face before heading around back to lick at the boy's equally tasty pucker. The near-pile-driver position he gets his buddy in as he pumps his bareback twink cock down into Harry's hole is so hot, but the sight of the boy bouncing in his buddy's lap while his own incredible dong dances around is enough to have you wishing you were there to service him while he rides. A final deep thrusting on his back has young Harry splashing his own batter out over his tight abs, a gooey warm mess that's soon doubled when Darin pulls his naked cock out of his well-fucked boy hole to splash his own seed all over the boy's adorable face. There's no better way for a pair of boys to start the day.