Sexual Indulgence Scene 2

Duration: 27:43 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: (Models Daniel Hausser, Peter Polloc). It comes as no surprise that Daniel is in a difficult position deciding between the lord or a hot twink that will corrupt him. Needless to say this wouldn't be on staxus if it wasn't sexual, so after the moral debate, he decides sin is the only way. And who else but little angel Peter to make the decision easier for him, with some kissing and some bulge rubbing action, Daniel has soon forgot about most of his worries as Peter now has his lips wrapped around Daniels cock! It's not long now for Daniels ass to be gaping missing the feeling of Peter's cock inside, but Daniel forgets about that also before comencing the final assault, which is on Peter's ass, which leaves this boy of god bursting his load all over Peter's hole!