All I want for Christmas (Adam Archuleta, Harris Hilton)

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Description: All I want for Christmas (with Adam Archuleta, Harris Hilton - Issue #11 December 2013). Our special guest for this edition of Kinky Angels is blond Harris Hilton. Adam and Harris want to go out for the day, but in a revealing little introduction we see that the boys can't decide on what Harris is going to wear. Finally dressed and ready to go out Andre decides he has other plans for Harris and begins to slowly unwrap him again. Thanks to a special friend we have a little Christmas rhyme for the occasion: Twas an eve before Christmas, Harris is round For good times with Adam, a night on the town, Before they begin the fun filled evening of cheer, Adam must help Harris decide what to wear. Adam would like Harris adorned in a frock Which conveniently enough, shows off his cock! Harris thinks the outfit a bit too risqué He doesn’t want the Yuletide to be quite THAT gay! So they agree on a fetching new outfit! But poor Adam now needs a sexual outlet! And the clothes now approved are thrown out of sight! Sex filled evening at home, for the lads a great night!