Peeping Photographer

Duration: 27:06 Views: 1.0K Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: (Models Kike Gil, Leo Rosso). Kike Gil has an appointment at Leo Rosso’s photo studio to have some corporate photos taken. He arrives and is invited to go upstairs and put on the suit that the company has sent for him. While Kike is getting dressed, Leo takes a sneak peek of the sexy businessman changing. When Kike is fully suited, the shoot starts. But, at one point Kike gets cheeky and starts laughing, remembering having seen Leo peeping earlier. He’s sure that he turns Leo on and when Leo asks him why he’s laughing, Kike asks if he makes it a habit of watching customers changing. The peeping photographer approaches Kike -- the shoot is on hold while the two men play in the hot studio.