Ethan Seduces the Barman

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Description: (Models Ethan Duval, Bastien Leray). "A huge cock for a greedy twink" Ethan Duval meets Bastien Leray in the bar where he works. While the twink sips a cocktail he keeps casting glances full of charm at Bastien. The two boys look at each other, smile, then Bastien takes Ethan's hand and kisses him. On returning home Ethan and Bastien throws themselves at each other and undress in the bed. The huge cock of Bastien is hard and Ethan begins to suck it. The young twink opens his mouth up to try to swallow this big boy without choking. Bastien sighs with pleasure and begins to tease Ethan’s ass who starts to moan while sucking. Bastien extends Ethan on his back, spreads his legs and spits in his small tight hole to begin to open it gradually. The licks from Bastien make Ethan squeak, which encourages him to continue and who’s now waiting to taste this beautiful dick. Bastien penetrates Ethan's tight ass moaning loudly. The gorgeous stallion is pounding the young twink who’s in ecstasy and wanting more and harder. After being fucked while spooning, Ethan rides Bastien's cock and goes back and forth on its full length to feel it deep inside him. The two boys are very complicit and they will reach the orgasm at a few seconds after one another. Bastien will unload an impressive amount of cum on Ethan's face who will delight licking his seed.