Skyler Dallon and Anthony Sollis

Duration: 17:22 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: "A French-Canadian exchange between two ultra hot twinks" After following Theo Ford to his bed, Skyler, our young Canadian boy on holiday in Paris, comes to visit Anthony Sollis. Curious, Anthony asked him how was the night with Theo, despite the language barrier which results a funny exchange between the two boys in a kind of “Frenglish”, Anthony understands that Skyler is always horny and adores sex… So he jumps on him! The two twinks kiss greedily and undress while caressing their smooth bodies. These sensual foreplay turns to a deep and passionate blowjob. Anthony sucks the young cock of Skyler before moving to a 69 position. The hot Canadian is now sucking Anthony’s dick while the French twink is licking and playing with his tight pink hole that opens quickly with the tongue and fingers playing by Anthony. The atmosphere is becoming hotter and Anthony cannot resist anymore, he pushes Skyler on the bed and starts to fuck him wildly. The speed of the fucking is accelerating and Skyler whines more and more. Skyler shrills with cries of excitement while Anthony who then moves to stand up in front of the bed to fuck him deeper and harder. The Canadian twink willtake long to cum and squirts a nice splash on his torso, mouth wide open to hope to reap a drop. Anthony sprays on the pink open hole of Skyler in a last gasp of pleasure.