Now You're Really Fucked

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Description: Now You're Really Fucked, You Spit-Sucking Sub Slut. (Models Moskito, Sky James). Now Moskito’s really got a taste for fresh dick Kallamacka style – but he needs it even filthier. He’s found his match with cheeky-as-fuck Sky, who is more than happy to use this bit of beef as his personal fuck puppet. Hocking gobs of spit into his bottom bitch’s mouth and making him suck on his swollen, hairy nads while he squats over his face wanking his meat, Sky just takes what the chav lad knows he’s owed. Once he’s really horned up he rides his new hole out, buttfucking Moskito on his back to watch his every twitch. Finally the scrote tightens up and it’s baby batter time – a fat, chunky load right in the fucktoy’s face.