Deep Sentence & Anal Oracle Scene 02

Duration: 28:32 Views: 422 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Models Sherman Maus, Joey Wagner, Gunner. New prisoner Joey Wagner gets shown to his cell where Gunner is sucking Sherman Maus' dick. Startled by his new living situation, Joey looks on as Gunner bends over to take Sherman's monster cock. Sherman and Gunner are determined to break JoeyТs hole in and have the newbie get on his knees to open his mouth wide. Joey does as he's told and bends over to suck both his cellmates' cocks. While JoeyТs bent over, Sherman gets to the point and slides his fist deep into Joey's virgin hole. For having never done it before, Joey takes Sherman's fist like a champ. Gunner gets in on the action and gets beside Joey with his ass in the air. Sherman is eager to destroy their assholes and shoves his wrists in deep to fist each of his cellmates, stretching them to the max. Now itТs Sherman's hole thatТs hungry for a fist. He bends over to suck Gunner's meat as Joey takes up the rear and gets two fists into the blond stud at the same time. Joey plugs away stretching Sherman to a full rosebud which pushes him closer to cumming. Gunner and Joey lie back on the bed with their mouths wide open as Sherman feeds both of them his thick load.