Alam Wernik & Calvin Banks

Duration: 28:46 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Alam Wernik has dreamed about being with Calvin Banks since first he saw him on Instagram and though they've met and made out before, this condom-free outdoor scene is their FIRST time together! They make out again here & get excited and while Alam knows Calvin is hung. he's still in awe when gets it. He excitedly goes down deep on Calvin's long hard cock, and sucks each of low-hanging big balls. In turn Calvin loves the slobbering, sloppy attention and slightly dominating him. Calvin turns his attention Alam's big bubble butt which he eats out and fingers. Calvin soon learns Alam's ass was ready for him yesterday. It swallows up Calvin's cock and Alam works his hole on him, prompting Calvin to deeply pound the very vocal bottom with gleeful lust. They go back and forth like this until Calvin decides he wants to enjoy even more of Alam. He get him on his back and sucks his thick cock to the root. Very soon Alam nearly demands to be fucked and Calvin happily obliges. It's the perfect storm as the they are both riding an uninhibited sexual high. Calvin pounds Alam to the edge of orgasm but pulls out so he can gorge himself on Alam's thick cock again. Alam soon does the same to Calvin and soon Calvin is ready to explode. Alan quickly turns over just in time for Calvin to shoots his huge load over his ass. He too is ready and on his back he jerks himself to cum, with Calvin's help. After Calvin sucks him dry they keep on kissing. Alam's dream has finally come true.