Winter Workout Scene 3

Duration: 21:33 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: (Models Joel Tamir, Johny Walsh). Johny sure knows how to give Joel a nice surprise for spending more time together! With breakfast in bed, and shortly after a gift in a box, which turns out to be some running shoes so they both can spend more time together! There's only one way Joel knows he can repay him for this, apart from going for a run, of course, and soon both boys have their tongues entwined and Joel is eager to get down in Johny's pants. Soon both boys are in a 69 position enjoying what both have to offer each other, before Joel lays on his back with his legs up displaying his irresistible hole, which Johny is rimming in no time! It goes without saying that the workout here is for Joel's hole as he continuously rides Johny's dick till the very end when he gets covered in rich cum before blowing his own load!