Ramming Into Zak (Matthew Grande, Zak Bishop)

Duration: 25:22 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: It's tight, tatted muscular flesh slapping against tight, muscular, tatted flesh when edgy young horndogs Matthew Grande and Zak Bishop meet and mate. Clothed at first, once the duds are down their full manly physiques rub together hungrily. They suck face while peeling down their shorts and undies, savoring the smell and taste of each others' sweaty raw skin. Matthew wags his weenie in Zak's face and gets a wet sloppy blowjob for his efforts. Zak reaches up to twiddle Matt's nips as he swallows the tough Latin stud to the furry root. Matthew crouches down to rim Zak's insatiable ass on the couch, giving his muscular buttcheeks a hearty smack. Sucking and probing that hole with a curious tongue, Matthew gets him wet, open and ready for a deep rough bareback fuck. His big brown dick slides in with just a little resistance, then nothing but moans and cries of "Omigod!" He grabs Zak's hips and drills in smooth and straight. After a break for Zak to get another mouthful of Matthew, Matt bends the lean muscleboy back and pounds his cock in from above. He pulls out and the two revved-up raw fuckers jack their dicks together. Matthew lifts up Zak's butt to aim his jizz at his quivering hole, then fucks the spunk deep inside the happy horny bottom.