Mexican Cumwhores - (Montalvo, Jackson) 2015

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Description: Mexican Cumwhores - (Montalvo, Jackson) 2015 Gay Porn Online As you know, in Mexico the “macho” code is very much in effect. Let a dude suck your dick, yeah, ok, you’re “straight.” Fuck a man’s ass, ok, you’re still “straight.” JACKSON used to think he was 100% “straight.” But one night he got slobbering drunk and let an amigo bone him in the butt. Did he like it? He fuckin’ loved it. And now? Well, now he needs it. Like a preacher needs a church, JACKSON needs a good daily butt-fuck leaving his li’l brown boy-culo sticky with warm sperm. In this raw ’n’ real scene you’ll see poor JACKSON try to fight it. He’s almost pissed off—but he knows he’s gotta have it in him. He’s fuckin’ helpless when macho stud MONTALVO slides that veiny soul-smacking manhood deep in JACKSON's carnivorous guts and delivers one crazy-ass, ball-bouncin’ deep-plow of a fuck. Everyone gets what they want here: macho-man MONTALVO squirts a flood of jizz devil-deep in a willing hole. And JACKSON is forever branded a hopeless stray-dog Mexican cumwhore. Anal, Oral, Bareback, Latin
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