Nathan - Solo 2015

Duration: 19:48 Views: 945 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: YOUNG, SEX-OBSESSED HOTTIE SEEKS SEXUAL SATISFACTION. Young, strapping Nathan is a Sean Cody fan who has now become a Sean Cody model. Upfront, Nathan gives a mostly candid* interview during which we learn he’s in awe of the Cody models he’s met so far and he cannot wait for one of them to fuck him. Being in awe is sweet, but young Nathan underestimates himself by a mile. Dude’s got a ripped body, a nice dick and a sweet ass to along with his handsome face that only needs a bit of maturing to allow him to make the leap from kinda hot to awesome himself. After putting himself through some intense stroking, Nathan blasts his load all over his abs and even a bit in over his head, which pleases him. (And me, too.) In the second half, he shoots a bucket with a medium-large dildo planted firmly in his hairy ass. That makes me quite eager to see him take the real thing. From his interview, we already know that Nathan is so sex-obsessed that he claims to have never been satisfied in a sexual encounter. Like Sean’s cameraman, methinks that’s all about to change. Odds of Returning: No need this time. Nathan will be back real soon. I wouldn’t be surprised, too if that turned out to be this Thursday. In fact, at the end of the scene, Nathan looks at the camera and says, “I will see you guys later.” He totally means it, too.