Extra Parts (Dani Robles, Joe Gillis)

Duration: 21:12 Views: 190 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: In his MAP debut, Joe Gillis has an appointment with Mark at the dealership to finish the paperwork and pick up his new car. When he arrives, Dani Robles greets him and tells him that Mark is off but that he can help him. After going through the paperwork, Dani realizes that the car is not ready and that it will take a few more hours. Joe is upset and asks Dani to do something about it! Dani offers him some extra car parts for the trouble. They go upstairs where the extra parts are stored. They start talking about the inches of the rims when the situation turns flirtatious, and Dani ends up discovering first hand (and ass) Joe's inches! The bigger the better.