On Display (Corey Law, Jacob Dolce)

Duration: 15:31 Views: 366 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Ever have a secret that just you and another friend share? What if fucking each other was that secret? Corey and Jacob have been fucking in private since the summer started. After every training run, they stop off on the stairs near the school and have a little fun. This day was no different. They never have a lot of time so without many words, Corey begins rubbing his hands all over Jacobs's cock through his spandex shorts, which gets both of them hard. Corey loves watching his buddies dick print grow bigger and bigger. Jacob then pulls the shorts down while Corey gets on his knees, ready to suck some cock. Jacobs grabs the back of Corey's head and fills his mouth with his beautiful dick. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Jacob taste his hard cock in return. He then bends Jacob over the rail and slips his cock slowly into his hole. Corey doesn't fuck hard, but makes sure Jacob feels every inch. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Corey control the ride for a little before they both stand up and stroke out their loads, leaving cum all over the stairs.