Street Market Score

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Description: (Models Jacob Dolce, Ron Negba). You can often find some real interesting things at the local market, but always make sure you're looking around thoroughly or you might miss out on some of the most enticing treats. Gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce is meandering through the stalls and checking out the local wares when prowling Ron Negba catches his gaze. A little eye contact is really all they need and the message is clear, some unexpected BoyFun is offered! Jacob follows his new friend through a big door and away from the crowds and moments later he finds himself on Ron's couch, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss and their shirts quickly removed to reveal slim young bodies with pert little nipples just begging to be licked and flicked. Ron explores his new friend, lapping at the nubs on his slightly toned chest, then quickly moving down south to take off his pants and play with the shape of the boy's growing cock in his underwear. Unable to withstand the tease Ron releases his own engorged shaft from his undies, a warm and delicious length of twink cock soon thrust in his pal's face. The need is mutual, proven when Jacob's large twink meat is presented for Ron to play with, a task he dutifully performs with vigor before frotting their cocks together and quickly moving his attention to the young man's ass. A little slippery fingering of the sweet boy's pucker and his engorged length is sliding in, parting Jacob's cheeks and filling him up. The naked length of hard cock inside him feels so good, fucked on his back, on his front and finally sliding his hole up and down the delicious dong while his own big boner swings around. The boy's balls are so large and heavy, but they're soon purged of cream as his dick spews thick milky juice in appreciation of the thrusting his bareback pal is delivering. With his cock spent and his hole aching Jacob lays on the couch, his new friend wanking off in his face, soon showering his gorgeous face with a healthy load of hot young cum. They say you can barter at the local markets, but no concessions needed to be made in this translation, that's for sure.