Dax - Solo

Duration: 26:48 Views: 411 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Sean Cody's newest model is sporty, dark-haired Dax, who describes himself as power vers because he likes topping and really loves bottoming. Dax's taste in guys is pretty diverse: he likes "hairy guys, smooth guys, all of them. Tall guys, short guys, guys with dad bods, shredded guys," and when it comes to sex, he wants it rough. The bearded hunk shows off his gorgeous smile and great body as he strips down to his jock strap and does a handstand into a split, before getting his cock out and stroking it till it's nice and hard. Dax plays with his hole, sliding a finger inside as he works his dick, then penetrating himself with a dildo. After seeing Dax's huge load, we can't wait to see what--and who--he does next!