The Cute Boy Next Door

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Description: Models Landon Matthews, Bill Farnsworth, Alex Meyer. Young Lance has always had a crush on the cute boy next door. So when Devin shows up knocking on his window, the little guy is very excited to see him. Things heat up very quickly, but Lance is nervous to go all the way...That’s when his stern step dad walks in on the two boys fooling around. Possessive and pervy as he is, he lets the boys continue without ratting the neighbor out to his parents on one condition: He gets to join in on the fun too! The old man makes the boys get on their knees and suck his dick, before he props them up side by side to eat their sweet holes. Then, he pounds them one by one with his fat cock until he creampies his boy’s tight ass. Looks like the boy next door will definitely be coming around more often now!