Roman Capellini & Tom Connor

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Description: Tom Connor is in need of some relief and Roman Capellini is ready to provide. Roman helps Tom out of his shirt and begins gently rubbing Tom's shoulders and neck. Tom rolls over on the bed face down. Roman grabs some massage oil and applies a generous helping to Tom's back. He works the oil deep into Tom's muscles before his hands slide down to remove Tom's underwear. Roman applies some more oil to Tom's plump ass and gives those melons a deep tissue massage. He exposes Tom's tight, furry hole, teasing it ever so slightly before working his way down to Tom's feet where he spends a lot of time focusing on Tom's toes. Roman makes Tom roll over, revealing Tom lying there with a rock-hard cock standing straight up, presumably in need of relief. Roman can't help himself after one look. He doesn't waste any time going down on Tom, which really gets the blood pumping. Roman pours some more oil on Tom's cock and balls and rubs it in. As he jerks Tom's cock-head, Roman teases him. One hand begins to touch Tom's chest and tweak his nipples, while the other deftly jacks Tom's cock harder and faster. Tom's breathing has become deeper, his body has become almost rigid, and the moans pouring from his mouth signal the beginning of his cock erupting in a creamy white release all over his stomach. Roman doesn't waste a drop as he leans forward and licks up some of the tasty delight from Tom's chest.