Fetish Bar Scene #02

Duration: 15:49 Views: 247 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: (Models Pierce Paris, Lain Kross). Lain Kross has just had his ass and throat reamed by Pierce Paris and his massive cock. Lain got the relief he craved after cumming on the floor, but now it's Pierce's turn for pleasure. Pierce bends over the pool table and rubs his ass on Lain's hungry face. Lain works the hole in front of him making Pierce moan out before the stud lies back on the table to let Lain suck his lengthy pole. Lain covers every inch of Pierce's giant cock and smooth hole before he gets to work sucking on his gigantic nuts. All the attention that his cock is getting makes Pierce ready to stretch Lain's hole one last time, so he shoves his cock balls deep into the young hunk and pumps hard in a few different positions until he's ready to blow. Pierce instructs Lain to get between his legs and jerk him off and Lain once again, does as he's told. Lain keeps a steady rhythm until Pierce blasts a big white load all over his trimmed pubes. Lain takes a taste and collapses into Pierce's arms as they kiss in a firm embrace.