Str8 Chaser: Dimitri (Leo, Dimitri)

Duration: 29:25 Views: 379 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Description: I'm driving Dimitri in my car when I start to get horny. At first he says he isn't interested in guys, but after he feels how hard my dick is, he takes it out and sucks it. He gets so turned on, we decide to go get a hotel where we pick up where we left off. He gets on his knees to blow me, then I spank his firm ass and play with his hole before easing my dick inside. Dimitri really takes a pounding as I fuck him deep in doggystyle. He leans against the window as I take him from behind, then we return to the bed and I fuck him missionary as he jacks off till he blows a huge load on his stomach. I slip my cock back into his hole doggystyle before cumming on his ass.