Thick Dickness (Antony Carter, Kaleb Cross)

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Description: Hung you Kaleb Ross is enjoying a little snooze on the couch when Antony Carter rudely wakes him. Most boys might feel slightly irritated that such an lovely midday nap has been cut short, but Kaleb is a friendly chap who appreciates some good company, especially when it comes with the promise of some BoyFun with a buddy. Antony is a talented seducer, all he needs to do is take a seat and work on his friend's feet for a few moments before working his way up to the young man's growing erection in his pants and the mood is set. With a few thrusts of his hips Kaleb signals that he's down to fuck, giving Antony all the excuse he needs to pull those pants down and grab that incredible length of hard young meat. Kaleb's cock is truly a wondrous sight, thick and throbbing, his balls hanging out over the material of his underwear, his warm and girthy manhood becoming harder and harder in Antony's hands. It's understandable he'd want to taste it, he's a talented dick sucker who loves to gobble a friend and when he gets his lips around the swollen end of his friends incredible dong Kaleb is gently moaning in appreciation. With strings of spit and precum connecting Antony's mouth to his pal's gorgeous tool he maneuvers out of his own pants, giving Kaleb his first opportunity to return the favor. The bisexual boy doesn't waste a moment, grabbing Antony by the dick and licking his exposed tip, sliding his lips down his awesomely stiff shaft. With their appetites whet and their need to fuck taking over Antony lays back on the couch, his cock there for some more sucking while Kaleb dips a finger into his tight little hole. A little digital manipulation is all it takes to have Antony eager for more, which he soon gets when Kaleb eases the tip of his thick bareback cock into his snug pucker. The sounds of horny passion escape their lips while Kaleb pumps his naked dick in and out, fucking his friend from behind, then moving to the floor for some spooning. With both big cocks soon desperate to squirt Kaleb pulls out and heads up to his friend's chest, just in time for Antony to launch an epic climax that splats semen all over his face and body, quickly triggering his hung buddy to start sprinkling out his own messy cream all over his bottom pal. Who wouldn't trade-in an afternoon nap for such a rewarding experience with a good friend?