Love Always - Angel Cruz & Allen King 2015

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Description: Love Always - Angel Cruz & Allen King 2015 Gay Porno HD Online Allen King met Angel Cruz about four years ago in Spain where they grew up. As Allen describes it himself, they "met fucking" having only exchanged a few messages through Facebook prior to their first encounter. After their explosive start, Angel found a boyfriend and they stopped staying in touch. But when that relationship ended, Angel and Allen immediately picked up where they left off and they've been boyfriends ever since! They go on dates together, travel together, laugh and learn together every day. And the sex is just as hot as their first time -- they're just so physically compatible. Angel seems to let Allen take control at first when it comes to sucking and rimming... he very eagerly accepted a facial early on! But when it comes to fucking, it's an equal opportunity for both boyfriends. Allen was the first to pound Angel hard against the couch, but Angel was hungry for Allen's hole. After rimming him, he propped Allen up against the window and railed him from behind. But Angel really wanted to watch Allen's face as they fucked, so they both finished on the couch again flirting in Spanish the entire time! Those are the words I use to end my letters and notes. I find it reaffirming and connecting to the one thing we all want in our life -- LOVE. Such a simple looking word, perfect in design -- yet it's power has moved the masses, conquered kings, and produced rivers of tears. I feel blessed that I get to work and create with two men I love so deeply -- Benny & RJ. More and more our work has been described as "Romantic Porn", but that was never our intention. We create what moves us. It's not very often we get to shoot two partners that are "in love", and when we do it's always with a bit of hesitation. Shooting lovers having intimate sex is a tremendous challenge AND responsibility, as new levels of trust must be created between all involved. Expectations, sexual dynamics, and perceptions all become heighten as we open the door to this very special safe space, and allow others to peek in. This was the case with Allen & Angel, both long time friends, yet newly minted boyfriends! They are charming and delightful together. Allen is quiet but commands attention, while Angel's vivaciousness and charm is overwhelming. Together they make a perfect team supporting one another, poking fun, and each making sure the other is happy in the moment. Maybe that can be contributed to the early stages of "young love" -- regardless it is the building blocks to a foundation of mutual respect that helps keep LOVE alive. And it is this MUTUAL RESPECT that we choose to celebrate in our work, and I'm so joyful and proud of this beautiful film crafted and created by RJ, Allen, and Angel. While this is only a drop in time, my hope is that the love and romance it represents is forever. Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Flip-Flop, Interview, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut
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