The Journey 1 Gabriel Clark, Brandon Jones

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Description: Gabriel Clark is a happy straight man living with his girlfriend of two years. On this day, just as much as any other day, Gabriel's loins are stirring. He's in the mood for some good sex, but the girlfriend is on her way out the door. Before leaving, she mentions that her brother will be passing by to pick up a computer. Soon after her departure, Brandon Jones, the brother, arrives... Faced with a delectable bubble butt and good looks, Gabriel surprises himself by feeling his dick spring to attention as Brandon bends over.... Is Gabriel confused? Not enough certainly to overcome his uncontrollable desire for sex. This hungry fucker's sex drive is in the roof and he decides to just lets his dick steer him in the right direction. It isn't long before these two are going all out, sucking and fucking like the sex hounds they are. As things are winding down, who walks in on the brother and the boyfriend, but Gabriel's surprised and pissed GF..... What happens next? Is Gabriel on the path to crossing the fence, or was he just out for a one-time romp? How will he cope with the fuming girlfriend? Is she going to dump him? Get the answers to all your questions in the next episode of The Journey next month here on Men of Montreal.
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