Zack Lemec - Round 2

Duration: 14:05 Views: 7.4K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Seductive Zack Lemec recently moved into the complex where our loft is located and Marko heard that he was working out in its gym. So Men of Montreal's owner left the loft in the hope that Zack was still working out. Indeed, he found him pumping weights and he got Zack to come by the loft once he finished working out. A year and half ago, Zack had performed his first solo with us and, since then, he has shot a couple more solos, showing off his tantalizing goods. He was nervous the first time around, but not in this shoot. His good humour and charming personality make it so easy to work with him. And during the photo shoot, Marko was kidding around so much that Zack could hold back from chuckling on and off.Zack has put on a few extra pounds of muscle on his tight little body, but there is nothing else small about him... huge dick, bulging muscles, nice bubble butt, great smile and big heart... And, a gusher of a cum shot... spreading his white creamy seed all over the black carpet. Sweet.
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