Marc Creams Chase

Duration: 31:12 Views: 12K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Chase and Marc start by taking it slow, working up their chemistry making out as they slowly undress each other, but more than just wanting it, Chase needs Marc’s dick in him as soon as possible! So when he discovers Marc’s erection poking out of his boxers, he knows just what to do with it. Dropping to his knees he puts Marc’s throbbing cock in is mouth and proceeds to suck it down to the hilt. He takes his time with the meaty dick, savoring the taste and size. Later, bent over getting rimmed and fingered, Chase is in heaven over how good it feels. After having his hole teased, he’s ready for the real thing- but Marc doesn’t give it to him right away. Not until he’s been thoroughly prepped and damn near begging for it! When Marc finally does give it to him, Chase shows just how grateful he is by not wasting any time he has with that big dick in him! Riding Marc, Chase unloads, putting Marc over the edge too!
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