Armond Rizzo, Max Cameron, Cam Christou

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Description: Armond Rizzo, Max Cameron, and Cam Christou love a good day out in the pool, soakin up some rays. Pretty soon all three studs wind up at the shallow end of the pool checking each other out. Once Armond's hot tat'd friends ditch the rubber ducky, they head in to showers for some group piss play before Armond goes down and takes turns blowing both studs. With his lips working their way down both shafts, it isn't long before Armond's throat is full of thick cock. The hot three way moves into the bedroom with Armond taking both cocks in his mouth while his buddies are lip locked. Then Armond works his tongue down their shafts and services their cum filled ball sacks while they slap their rods on his cheeks. Max kicks back on the sofa, and Armond bends over to service his cock while his other buddy takes a palm full of spit, lubes Armond up and slides his raw cock balls deep. He works Armond's hole, grinding him hard until he moans from having his prostate banged good. Cum filled balls slap against Armond as his buddy alternates from slow grind to hard, waist grabbing pounding. Then his other buddy gets his turn as Armond straddles him and slides down his thick raw tool, taking it balls deep, stretching his tight hole. He grabs both cheeks and starts bouncing Amrond's hungry hole while Armond throats down on his other buddy. A little more spit, and Armond gets both cocks buried deep in him, pounding away at him, reaming that hole while Armond arches his back to take both studs deeper. He begs for more as his buddies give him a major pounding, edging closer and closer, as Armond begs for his hole to get creamed. Max slides out at the last minute blasting his load all over Cam's cock as it slides in and out of Armond's ass. Then Armond milks Cam's cock before he slides out to shoot the first shot high in the air before sliding back in and giving Armond the rest of that load deep inside him. Then Armond sits straight up and blows his load before all three lay together drenched in cum.
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