Claudio & Ransom - Serviced 2016

Duration: 23:59 Views: 13K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: I wanted to showcase Claudio’s (formerly Romeo Alfonso) amazing body by oiling him up, but didn’t want to do a massage video where he would be very passive. So we start the video with a little oil, and muscle worship. Claudio identifies as straight, but he was hard with only a little attention from Ransom. His cock pops out of his compression shorts hard. Ransom gets him on his back to show-off his cock-sucking skills. He had him fully hard in no time, while Claudio strokes on Ransom’s cock. With Claudio already familiar with playing with guys, we got some 69 sucking action going. Ransom then sits at the edge of the bed so that we could check Claudio’s cock-sucking skills. He gets high marks! He eagerly sucks on Ransom while stroking his own big uncut cock. Claudio, who clearly shaves his hole, loves to be rimmed. Ransom teases his hole with his tongue, and sucks his giant knob backwards. Grrrrrit makes me want to get Claudio to Bottom! He has such a great cock, but it would be nice to see him taking one up that perfect ass! I will work on him! Ransom sits Claudio down to try to make him cum. Claudio gets close a couple times, but he definitely is dependent on being totally upright in order to cum. He gets up on his knees and jerks his cock until he pours his load into Ransom’s open mouth. Ransom quickly stands up, cum all over his chin, and strokes his cock until he fills up Claudio’s foreskin with his own load! Ransom goes down and cleans up both loads, cum dripping everywhere!