Ayer & Luca Rosso - Serviced 2016

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Description: When I suggested to Ayer that he work with Luca Rosso, he said that he had met Luca a week earlier, and totally would down to play with him. Luca remembered Ayer, and so it was easy to get two local gay guys to come in and show us their oral skills. It is also really nice to see some kissing in a Serviced video! Ayer has a fat cock, and Luca does his best to choke on it. You can tell that Ayer has a Top vibe about him. He was also eager to rim Luca’s hole. Yep, he is a Top! Both guys like to be laying down when they nut, so that left me in a bit of dilemma. Thankfully Ayer could handle cumming on his knee, while Luca waited to get his mouth filled with cum. Luca busts his own load, licking the last bit of cum out of Ayer’s cock!