Kellin - Solo 2014

Duration: 13:09 Views: 13K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: KELLIN, THE LUMBERJACK WITH A HEART OF GOLD Things get wet right away in this new Sean Cody solo scene. Literally. The scene opens with part-time lumberjack Kellin methodically showering, given us ample opportunity to see his butt, not to mention his rock hard body. Then we shift to the pre-jack interview, which is interesting because the beefy stud talks about his younger, gay brother that he loves “to death”, offering a rare moment of porn poignance. But Kellin is the main show here, and he does not disappoint. Make sure you watch his first cumshot, where he douses himself in his own semen and then laughs about it. If we take him at his word, we may never see Kellin again on Cody. Odds are against it, in fact. But he’s one of Sean’s sweetest models ever. Jump to see more of the lumberjack with the heart of gold.
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