Drae Axtell Fucks Rikk York Rough & Raw

Duration: 48:07 Views: 97K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: If we’re going to roleplay in suits, then let’s roleplay with Drae Axtell’s purple attire -- it’s totally Latin gangster. Since we’re on that theme, then Rikk York is his subordinate and he takes it up the ass from his boss when the other goons aren’t around. Rikk needs plenty of lube, too, because it’s a well-hung fact that Drae Axtell has a huge dick in those suit pants of his; check out how hard of a pounding Rikk takes from Drae at 24:30. And all of the sheer socks fans out there can’t miss this scene, because 48:10 has lots of awesome foot-jacking action!
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