Dominic Pacifico & Tyson Pierce 2015

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Description: Dominic Pacifico & Tyson Pierce 2015 Gay Porn Online I remember growing up on this ranch with Dominic Pacific. Our parents would set us up on play dates and eventually we went on real dates and I developed undeniable feelings for this rugged, handsome man. I knew the day would come when he wanted to leave to go live in the city. I had one last moment to share with him and I let him know how much I would miss him. I wanted him to fuck me one last time. Watch Dominic Pacifico spend his last day on the ranch with Tyson Pierce on the Novella Series S4E9 “Best Buds – Home on the Range”. Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, Latino, Muscle, Skinny, Tattoo, White
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