Rudeboiz #14 - Arse Splitters (2009)

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Description: Theres no other way to describe the cocks in the latest instalment of Rudeboiz beside proper Arse Splitters! Just when you thought this series couldn’t get any hotter, Eurocreme has scoured the London estates for the fattest cocks on the fittest chavs about, including donkey dicked new boy Clayton Kole, whos monster meat will have your arse aching and your mouth watering as he pulls it out of his trackies! Clayton Kole, Leroy Dale, Will Richards, Jay, Niall Patrick, Nick Lloyd, Thierry Schaffauser, Benjamin O’Neill 1: Clayton Koles Monster Cock!! Starting as we mean to go on, we kick things off with newcomer Clayton and his massive, meaty cock as he pays a visit to mate Leroys gaff for some good hard fucking! Tall, toned, smooth and pale, Clayton is fucking sexy addition to the Rudeboiz series and his huge, throbbing shaft is proof of that! Leroy can’t wait to get his gob around it and gets straight to work teasing Clayton’s uncut cock with his tongue, really working him up until he can’t take anymore and has to fuck him rigid. Watching Leroy’s tight, tanned body tensing as Clayton forces his cock up the boy’s peachy arse will have you hard as hell and as he proceeds to ram him rotten, we reckon you’ll be blowing your load long before the boys do!! 2: Will Richards Rams Rudeboi Mate! Next up we’ve got the gorgeous Will Richards (star of PornBoy) making his Rudeboiz debut with buddy Jay. Will is one of the fittest lads we’ve ever had in the Rudeboiz series, with his piercing blue eyes, perfectly smooth body and long, thick cock, he’s guaranteed to get you stiff on sight! Jay’s also got a body to die for, with a high, firm, hairless arse that is just begging to be fucked hard and stretched out as far as possible. The lads get down to it so quick that they don’t even have time to take off their trainers before Jay’s fucking Will’s face!! Sliding his smooth, solid shaft between Wills perfect red lips, the other boy is really savouring the taste of Jay’s precum as it dribbles down his chin. After some slick, wet sucking Will’s ready to slam his shaft into Jay, which he does mercilessly, pounding Jay’s sweet, smooth hole before soaking his tight, tanned stomach with what seems like gallons of creamy cum!! 3: Ripped Rudeboiz! Rudeboiz regular Niall Patrick makes a very welcome return in this scene, this time with sexy blonde stud Nick Lloyd. By now you all know tall, muscled Niall is hiding some hot tattoos and a massive dick under his tracksuit, which Nick seems all too keen to get a look at, as the lads even start getting off in the lift on the way to the flat!! Nick’s blonde hair and smooth fair skin make him a hot contrast to dark haired Niall, but he’s also got some fit tattoos, a stiff, throbbing cock and a nice, juicy arse, perfect for fucking deep into! Niall wastes no time in getting his long, hard shaft lodged right up between those smooth butt cheeks, Nick on his back, legs spread wide! Niall’s whole body tightens as he rams his cock into Nick over and over, and it really shows off every muscle in his body, as they flex with each thrust!! Nick clearly loves every minute of the pounding he’s getting, which he proves as he spurts his thick load over his own chest, followed up by Niall who blows such a huge wad of cum over Nick, we had to shoot it in slow motion!! 4: Hung Fuckers! Finally we’ve got real Northern lad, Benjamin O’Neill, enjoying a wank before he gets a huge surprise in the form of skinny chav Thierry!! You literally will not believe your eyes when this slender scally twink pulls off his shorts to reveal an absolutely enormous cock!! Broad, muscular Ben certainly can’t but he’s more than happy to suck on it and, in a really horny touch, he spits on Thierrys monster length before wanking it and then swallowing the entire length of it!! The sight of macho Ben worshipping young Thierry’s big meat on his knees is so hot that you might cum right there and then, but wait until the older guy sits his meaty arse on the giant fuckstick, taking the whole thing right up his cock-hugging hole after a good, wet rimming from Thierry. The raw, animal passion is evident with Thierry pushing as deep as he can go between Ben’s strong, hairy thighs and firm arsecheeks, while Ben cries out for more, begging him to fuck him harder and faster in his thick Northen accent!! You can see Ben’s hole is really getting stretched to epic proportions, with him grinding himself down on it so that Thierry’s balls are slapping against his buttocks. It all comes to a filthy climax as the boys spurt hot, sticky jizz across themselves, with Thierry shooting buckets worth across Ben’s hairy chest!!