Kevin Elola & Fabien Lally

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Description: The scene is a battle of the bottle blonds, youthful mop-topped Fabien Lally and tighter handsome Kevin Elola. They amble through the woods shirtless and naturally stop at a decrepit farmhouse teeming with hay. Kevin pours some of his soda on Fabien's cock and then sucks the uncut piece to full hardness. It's yet another eye-popping dick, so long, curvy and veined. But, spunky Kevin has a lively mouth and keeps Fabien moaning as he works his way around its head. Kevin's tongue can't wait to sop up the cum Fabien has for it. Kevin sits on the hay to revel in lust for Fabien's sucking. His whole body gyrates as he works on Kevin's fat dick. With a foot up on the bale, Kevin turns his ass to Fabien and gets fucked. Fabien has more oomph now that he's topping, but the two don't really have a huge connection. However, Kevin's whole body seems to quake when he's fucked on his back. Fabien pulls out doing Kevin sideways, cums and then patiently waits for Kevin to finish.
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