Navy Pleasure

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Description: Models Alex Faux, Jake Olsen. Big-dicked twink boy Jake Olsen is about to enjoy his first coffee of the day when smooth and tempting young Alex Faux arrives in the kitchen wearing nothing but some very tight little blue undies and a very interesting sailor's hat. He's just scored a great job promoting Swiss Navy and he certainly looks the part. Of course, it goes without saying that he's eager to tempt his friend into some early morning BoyFun, and that's not a hard task with ever-horny Jake. It's important for a representative to try the product themselves, and without further ado he has Jake in the bedroom with those delicious young boners out for some mutual sucking, their smooth and lean bodies sliding together, their dicks leaking pre into each other's mouths. With a little spritz of Swiss Navy lube for his snug little hole Alex is quickly hopping aboard and lifting his anchor, sliding up and down on the long bare erection embedded in his warm and welcoming stern. With the two setting sail on a rambunctious journey of anal thrusting young Alex bends over to ride the waves of pleasure as his handsome friend plunders his depths, his own pink uncut cock throbbing and bouncing with delight. On his back and taking it deeper the energetic sailor boy can't help but spill his semen overboard, but it's the frothy swell his handsome and hung shipmate delivers that really gives him the taste of salty seamanship in his mouth.