Chasen and Jeremy

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Description: Like I’ve said a million times on this site, these ‘gay4pay’ boys aren’t really straight. But many are kind of straight. I hate labels but I would say Chasen is a ‘straight boy’. Lately, it’s been a turn off for me. I’m tired of dealing with confused, insecure straight guys who pretend not to be into the sex. However, I was pretty into fucking Chasen. He was 5 hours late for the shoot. He kept texting and calling saying he would be there in 20 minutes. I was so horny and wanting to fuck. The longer he made me wait, the more frustrated I became, and the more I wanted to fuck. I kept looking at his pictures and thinking about his ass! When he finally arrived I quickly showed him to the set and we started rolling cameras. I made him sorry he ever came late to my set.
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