Daddy's Little Boy Tape 1 Big Boy Underwear

Duration: 32:31 Views: 34K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Models Mr Armstrong & His Boy Austin. Austin’s small for his age. People think he’s much younger than he is. I try to help him dress and act more grown up, but it’s a constant struggle. Not just for him, but for me as well. Given his size, he can’t always shop in the adult’s section. I know Austin still enjoys many things from his childhood (video games, cartoons, comics, etc.), so it’s not uncommon for him to be a boy’s shirt with a superhero on it. He’s at an age where he should dress older, but I admit, I think it’s cute. Seeing the little guy in his little clothes with his favorite characters all over it–it brings a smile to my face, too. Besides, he does look great in them. But what kind of role model would I be if I didn’t try to help my boy out and to become a man?