Grinding With The Guest

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Description: (Models Alan Caine, Jake Olsen). Jake Olsen is the perfect boy to invite over when you're feeling a bit horny, as young curly-haired Alan Caine is proving in this deliciously hot encounter. The moment the slim twink steps through the door into the luxurious apartment Alan is making out with him, but no sane young man would do any differently. Jake knows why he's there and he's just as eager to get the fun started. The boys can barely make it to the comforting surroundings of the lounge before their clothes are off, theur dicks bulging in their pants and their balls churning over preparing the cum loads to soon be shared. The two make a gorgeous pair, there's no doubt they're perfectly suited. They're smooth, fit, and greedy for those boners, which Alan displays the moment he has his friend's long and bulging cock in his hand and that fat swollen tip between his lips. He's a talented dick servicer, lapping at the tip and sliding his lips down the slender pole, but young Jake is skilled in that department too. He battles with his friend's jeans and finally gets access to Alan's uncut cock, a long and fleshy treat that any young man would love to slurp for a while. He gets a good taste of his pal before Alan demands that naked shaft inside his hole, taking a seat in Jake's lap, easing his bareback butt up and down the warm youthful cock inside him. His own dick swings and bounces while he rides, his taint bulging as his hole massages and milks the bare boner enjoying his most tender post, but it's the ramming from behind and the spooning on his side that finally gets his own dick gushing milky cream. As the pleasure mounts and their murmurs of bliss increase Alan strokes his cock, the jabbing of the prick inside him sending him over the edge as semen pumps from his tip over the edge of the couch. Jake goes for a few more deep thrusts of his bare tool in Alan's hole before he's finally unable to restrain his gooey juices, pulling out to jack himself over the finishing like, splashing his pure white load over his pal's fucked butt. No doubt Jake will be visiting this friend again, and soon!