Cheering Damien On (Ben Rose, Damien Hope)

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Description: We were at a friend's loft in the heart of Old Montreal a couple of Sundays ago for this shoot. It was a beautiful warm spring day and the Old City was abuzz with activity early on. People were there in the thousands milling about, musicians were at work entertaining the passer-bys, church bells were ringing and birds were singing. Most of all, there were hundreds of people a couple of blocks away cheering friends and family in a marathon as they crossed the finish line. In fact, it was pretty funny as the cheering started exactly when Damien began fucking Ben and it seemed that all the revelry was aimed at him... but I'm getting ahead of myself! Damien Hope had arrived early for the shoot. While waiting for Ben Rose he decided to go out and grab a coffee. On his way back to the loft, he bumped into Ben and they got acquainted. While chatting, Damien was telling Ben of his nervousness at having to do his first on-camera fuck scene with a guy. Ben on the other hand, is becoming one of those guys who easily makes his partners feel comfortable, particularly the newcomers. He did it with Kyle Champagne a couple of weeks earlier, now he was taking Damien under his wing. Ben told Damien to relax and just enjoy... even when Damien tried to reciprocate, Ben insisted that he just chill back and enjoy the cock sucking he was getting soon after they entered the door. We could tell that Damien's jitters were flying out the open window... It was all good! When Ben felt that his partner was good and ready, he guided him to the bed where they got more comfortable and got down to some serious sex. After kissing his naked new friend, Ben strips and offers up his own cock for some attention. Damien takes Ben's cut tool and works his talented tongue into action while jacking his own stiff boner. Damien shows some definite talent and technique as Ben appears quite pleased by the attention he's getting.They then kiss and Damien's super hard dick just seems so happy. Ben moves into a sixty-nine position and Damien works his tongue into Ben's asshole rimming and fingering it with gusto. Meanwhile, Ben is pumping and sucking his buddy's stiffer with fervor. After sucking each other in this position for a while, it was time for Damien to access Ben's ass crack with his dick. While our bottom boy lies on his side, Damien is on his knees and fucking his partner with a nice intense rhythm. Ben is moaning like he had never had a cock in his ass before. And Damien is pumping hard. Ben loves a cock up his ass, and his stiff pole was telling the story. They then switch it up so Ben can ride Damien's cock, and ride him he did. Ben's hard cock kept bopping up and down as he was riding his buddy. These two guys were into each other, and Damien's initial nervousness was long gone. As Ben laid on his back, legs wide open, our new top man just shoved his boner back into Ben's hungry hole. Seeing Damien's beautiful butt plugging away in this shoot was awesome. He kept going until our more experienced model couldn't hold his white spunk anymore. Ben shot a sizable load that reached well beyond his nipples. He was a happy camper! Soon after, Damien had his first porn fuck orgasm. He shot his load, covering Ben's cock and balls. Well with this scene, we definitely feel a new porn star is born. We'll definitely see more of Damien in the near future!
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