Better Than A Finger

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Description: Sebastian Keys is back and Caruso couldn't be any happier! Sebastian, as you long time fans know, started his career on the couch as our straight boy. His girlfriend had actually pushed him to do gay porn - she was pretty open minded and liked watching two hot dudes go at it. Since then, Sebastian has become a well known face in the porn industry and jokingly says ''if it moves, I'll fuck it'' describing his attitude toward sexuality - girls, guys, if they turn him on - he'll go for it. Right now he's producing and directing porn for a high end studio that's known for it's fetish porn - both straight and gay. Sebastian tells Caruso that he's really into 'power play' these days as well as many other fetishes - one which you'll see at the end of this video. Playing the Bait role this week, Sebastian is paired up with Emanuelk (not a spelling error - there is supposed to be a 'k' there), a compact, Puerto Rican straight dude with a not so compact, 7.5'' cock and a sexy bubble butt. Emanuelk has a girlfriend, but unlike Sebastian - he's keeping this porn shoot on the DL- not a word to his girl. We also have a secret, it's not pussy he's going to be fucking - we turn the tables here and Emanuelk becomes the pussy that gets a fucking! Caruso is pretty confident going into this shoot that he can get our Bait boy to take it up the ass, as during his interview, Emanuelk admitted on one drunk night that his girlfriend stuck her tongue in his hole and then her fingers... and he liked it! The scene moves along right on schedule as Caruso delivers the bad news, the girl didn't show and their only alternative is to have sex with each other. Our Puerto Rican straight boy reacts right away ''no, no, I only do one thing'' we assume he's referring to girls. But, Sebastian, having gone through this himself just takes over and convinces our straight guy to give it a try. The mutual masturbation is the easy part as Emanuelk leans back, keeping his eyes closed and without prompting says ''it actually feels good''. Sebastian, an expert cocksucker if there ever was one, goes down on Emanuelk's big cock and when Caruso asks him how this blowjob compares to his girlfriend - without missing a beat answers ''he's better''... well of course he is :-). The boys are then instructed to stand up and rub their cocks together at which point Sebastian, like a real man, pulls Emanuelk into him with a single hand on his head and kisses that boy real good. We would've liked to have seen it go on longer, because both guys were really into a very hot make out session. It's now the straight dude's turn to suck his first cock. As he starts, like most straight dudes, he's a bit hesitant and awkward, so Sebastian stops him and says ''you're not gonna want to use your teeth''. Once Emauelk gets into the rhythm of his inaugural blowjob he really goes to town and Caruso and Sebastian can't help but remark on how well he's taking to cock sucking! We now move on to fucking and nothing is said to Emanuelk, but Caruso starts talking about the guy's butt as Sebastian starts exploring it with his hands. Caruso brings up the fact that Emanuelk said he likes a finger up his butt as Sebastian finishes putting on a condom and starts poking at the dude's ass with his rock hard cock. This straight boy is gonna get fucked without much choice and he doesn't seem to be too upset about it. Sebastian warns him that a 7'' cock is not gonna feel like a finger. Sebastian goes slow, but the initial pain is still overwhelming and Emanuelk is groaning loudly - Sebastian tells him to relax and push out. Well, the moaning doesn't stop, but changes from a painful to pleasurable sound as Emanuelk experiences the ecstasy that can be reached by bottoming for a dude. Caruso tells Sebastian to fuck the cum out of him, but it doesn't go that way. Sebastian can't hold back from the excitement of being the first to fuck this straight Puerto Rican dude and has to pull out to jack off a big fucking load of hot cum all over the guy. Emanuelk continues to stroke his cock and to our utter surprise Sebastian crawls up over him and licks up every last drop of his own cum (he later tells us he loves his cum and never wastes a load). Upon seeing this, Emanuelk starts jacking like a wild man and shoots his own creamy white load onto his belly and tells us ''that was super hot''! The boys are sent to the shower to clean and upon their return Caruso asks Emanuelk ''was it better than a finger?'' to which he replies ''MUCH BETTER!''
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