Bruce LaBruce's Purple Army Faction

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Description: Note From Jake Jaxson: Yes, that is the Berlin Wall they are fucking on! As a child of the 80’s, I came of age during the last days of the Cold War and under the threat of total nuclear destruction. We had duck-and-cover drills, “The Day After” network miniseries, and FEAR—lots and lots of FEAR. Yet, looking back now and seeing clips of President Regan saying “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” they seem like the golden years compared to the insanity of the current millennium. In reality, I guess it always feels like the end of the world...if we let it. More and more we have become compartmentalized and isolated, not only in our politics but even in Love and life. In fact, we even compartmentalize our porn — with rigid rules of dos and don’ts. It’s something I, myself, have called into question. And that is the reason I wanted to make these films with Bruce LaBruce; to, even for a moment, break free of the self-imposed “constraints” that bound me. What I love about sex and porn is how many ways that are available for us to explore and get off. And as I get older and more connected to my sexual self, I am thrilled with how many new things tickle my “funny BONE.” Of all the films in this LaBruce anthology, this one is more in keeping with Bruce’s earlier films—in fact, it’s kind of a present-day "The Raspberry Reich." (Which was the first of his films I had seen, followed by "Hustler White.") And because of that, this may be my favorite of the group, considering in this time, it’s good to just say ‘What The Fuck’ and take a moment not to take life so seriously. That’s why I gave this series the tagline “It’s not the end of the world... It just feels like it!” I hope you enjoy this film as much as I do. And if you don’t... prepare to be FuckWashed!! Love Always, Jake Jaxson Scene Description: In a topsy-turvy alternate reality, the militant Purple Army Faction (PAF) patrols the streets, hunting sexual deviants who need to be caught and converted. Arad Winwin leads Dato Foland and new recruit Levi Karter on a night patrol and nab François Sagat, taking him to their HQ to "reorient" him from straight to gay! Stripped to the waist and tied to a chair François resists but is soon subject to Arad's forceful kisses and manhandling. As François gets hard Levi is brought over to prove himself and suck the prisoner but as Levi gets into it, Arad asserts his authority and takes over. On top of a bare mattress, Arad works over François' ass and fucks him with dispassionate energy. It's only when he satisfies himself and gives François a gushing facial that Arad kisses him and gives him pleasure by sucking his cock. Dato gets into the reorientation by stuffing François' mouth with cock and soon it's only the two of them, sensuously kissing and sucking each other off. After Dato blasts a load over François' rippling abs, his conversion reaches the final phase: fucking Levi. With the sounds of revolution outside Levi is brought to his knees to suck a confident François who soon takes charge over Levi. François rims his ass and pounds him intensely and with his pumped-up muscle glistening with sweat he ejaculates a torrent of cum that covers almost every inch of Levi's back. Levi shoots while sucking François who gets his third cum soaking. At the end the PAF is now closer to smashing the straight state...with a new comrade.