Dylan Takes Adriano's Load

Duration: 18:16 Views: 8.0K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: (Adriano and Dylan). Adriano made quite the impression in his very first appearance at CF, where he fucked 2 loads out of Roman! You know it's saying something when a vet like Roman - who's usually the one leaving other guys blown away by his skills in the bedroom - is totally won over by a new guy, overwhelmed by their sexual skills, and unable to help but blast off 2 huge loads because of the awesome pummeling they're giving him! Will Dylan be similarly impressed by the end of this session? There's only one way to find out! OK... two ways to find out. You can watch this episode right now and see just how Dylan reacts to getting drilled by Adriano or you can (Spoiler alert!) read on... Dylan spends this episode loving every single bit of having Adriano's big dick pistoning in and out of his hole. Dylan barely touches his own cock throughout this entire session, yet it's almost always as stiff as a board. Adriano fucks Dylan relentlessly - Adriano's stamina really is impressive! And at the end of the action? They're both so in to it all that Adriano cums inside Dylan - a proper breeding.