Toe Sucker (Vitali Kutcher)

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Description: I don't know if it's true what they say about boys with big feet, but it seems to be quite accurate with regard to sexy young Vitali Kutcher. He's one of the loveliest and horniest straight boys we've ever met, and skilled when it comes to BoyFun too. Even when he's flying solo he knows how to make it a remarkable experience, taking his time to lovingly play, always ready to explore new things and experience something different. It's perhaps not surprising that he has a little oral fixation, we've seen that in action before, but when he's alone he can't help putting something in his sexy mouth. As he starts to play with the shape of his cock in his underwear, his shirt off and his smooth body on display, we know we're in for a real treat. His hands slide down his bare hairy legs to his sexy feet, smooth and pink, his long toes wiggling. He grabs his foot and brings it up, his big toe slipping between his lips. Is there a man watching who wouldn't lovingly lick between those toes and worship his sexy bare feet for him given the chance? Vitali makes sure to give appropriate attention to both feet, slobbering over his toes and sucking like it's a juicy cock in his mouth. Speaking of juicy cocks, his own gorgeous tool is soon out of his underwear and growing harder in his fist while he lays back and plays with his favorite toy. His balls gently rise and fall as his fingers and fist ease the skin up and down, his hairy taint leading down to where we'd all love to be sliding our own dick. The slow and sensual foreplay has certainly worked for the handsome young man, his stroking quickens as his meat becomes stiffer still, the first splash of semen erupting from his gaping cock tip. If you were there licking his feet for him you'd be splashed with his load at that moment, but we know you'd soon be up there to take the rest of that gushing cream right in your mouth.
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