Tony Keit & Dmitry Osten

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Description: Tony Keit is on the sofa surfing his favorite gay porn site, Badpuppy, when his new roommate Dmitry Osten walks in and sits down beside him. They chat for a moment but Dmitry notices something's a little strange. Tony's hiding his phone and acting shy, like he's done something bad. Dmitry insists that Tony show him what's on his phone. Well apparently, they did not know each other was gay and Tony was eager for a little experience. Dmitry offers Tony his thick, uncut cock and Tony is immediately hooked. He sucks down every last inch of Dmitry's cock while Dmitry strips out of his clothes. Dmitry pulls Tony's shirt off and begins licking his nipples. Tony quivers with every lick of Dmitry's tongue. Dmitry sits down on the back of the sofa where Tony goes back to blowing his cock. Dmitry slides his hands down Tony's back and pushes off Tony's pants and underwear. Dmitry inserts his finger into Tony's ass and begins to tease his hole. Tony is soon astride Dmitry riding his thick rock-hard cock. He's bouncing up and down thoroughly enjoying Dmitry's dick probing his prostate. Tony kneels down and Dmitry drives his cock right back in. This time he starts power-fucking Tony's sweet, tight hole and from the moans coming out of Tony's mouth it's obvious he's enjoying every stroke. Dmitry's balls are extremely tight and you can tell he's close to blowing his wad. With Tony on his back, legs behind his ears and jacking his cock fast and furious, Dmitry continues fucking Tony's hole while he enjoys a little taste of Tony's feet. Tony can't hold back any longer and he blows a wad of creamy jizz all over his tight abs. Dmitry pulls out and squirts strings of thick white cum, completely coating Tony.