Daniel Star & Adam Keller

Duration: 20:28 Views: 386 Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: Daniel Star is focused on his phone when Adam Keller walks in and sits down next to him. Adam begins stroking Daniel's leg; but Daniel tries his best to ignore him. Adam pushes it just a little further but Daniel grabs Adam's hand and pushes it away. Adam is horny and he knows he can get Daniel's attention. He stands up, pulls down his own shorts and out pops his own roaring boner. Adam grabs ahold of it and starts jacking until it is rock-hard and standing at full attention. By this point he's got Daniel's attention. Daniel puts down his phone, drops to his knees and woofs down Adam's thick, uncut cock. Adam's head rolls back and a moan comes out of his mouth as Daniel expertly works his mouth and tongue up and down Adam's cock. Adam strips naked and plops himself on the sofa ready for Daniel to get back to servicing his cock. Daniel lies down beside Adam and gets back to enjoying Adam's thick piece of meat. Adam looks down and notices that Daniel's cock is straining to be free of his underwear. Once freed Adam strokes Daniel's manhood while Daniel continues servicing his cock. Adam has Daniel turn around and bend over the sofa. Adam starts teasing Daniels's hole with his fingers and soon, with a little spit, he manages to loosen Daniel's tight ass. Adam aims his hard, uncut cock at Daniel's hole and slowly pushes it in. In no time at all Adam is plowing Daniel hard and fast. From bent over to being on top, Daniel can't get enough of Adam's cock. As he's bouncing up and down on Adam's dick his own cock is standing straight up and bouncing side to side like a metronome. Laying back with his legs pulled back, Daniel feels Adam drive his cock back inside, deep inside. He grabs his own cock and begins stroking as Adam fucks him even harder. Daniel can't hold back as Adam hits that right spot deep inside of Daniel and he loses it as he dumps a thick load of cum all over his ripped abs. Adam pulls out just in time to spray Daniel's chest with a healthy load of creamy white jizz. Completely exhausted the two fall into each other's sweaty bodies as they kiss one last time.