Breeding Of A Bound Boy

Duration: 19:23 Views: 550 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: (Models Fabrice Rossi,Giorgio Angelo). Giorgio gets a surprise when intruder Fabrice leaps onto him from behind with a blindfold and some duct tape ready. He has the boy's underwear off in a second and his ankles bound. It seems the boy might like it, when he flips his captive over that cock is hard and wet with pre, and it only gets harder when Fabrice starts playing with that tanned and plump ass. The cock rubbing and face fucking surely puts the boy in his place but once Fabrice is jabbing that bareback cock between his cheeks and using him as a fuck toy the boy is moaning with delight. There's nothing Giorgio can do about it, his ass is owned and creamed, semen dripping from his aching pucker. By the time he's milked of his own load and left ravaged his assailant is gone, but he'll probably be back.