Multit-Ass King

Duration: 20:51 Views: 426 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
Description: (Models Manuel Reyes, Santana). In this week's new release from ColbyKnox, we proudly introduce Blake Dyson!!! While Blake was part of the epic Christmas orgy a few months back, it's not quite the same as some one-on-one time with Mickey Knox. Although he has done hundreds of scenes, Mickey still gets a little nervous before each one. You can judge how compatible he is with a scene partner by how quickly the jitters wear off. With Blake, Mickey is so turned on by his sexy scene partner that pre-shoot nerves never have a chance to take hold! The two studs are absolutely adorable together. From the light chitchat before the sexy fun starts, right up to those epic cum shots at the video's end!! Enjoy!!!